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recently left, armed with GPS, satellite recon, guides, canoes, and condoms. They
didn’t succeed. Some even died. “David, why are you so interested in the second
moon? No one else ever has any interest in it. Yet you, you’re the only one.”

“Because, that is a phenomena that deserves investigation.” I replied.

“Do you think it is Spiritual La Tierra?”

“I don’t know. That’s what that Quechua woman called it. We have a term
called ‘Gaia,’ but that’s a mechanistic term for the Earth’s life process. You’re
talking about the ‘The Spirit of the Earth’. Well, now that I’ve seen the lights of the
second moon, I really want to know what it is. To me, that is far more interesting
than any of the old, dead ruins around here. Then again, maybe Gaia does exist.
She might actually be alive.”

The “Gaia Theory” is a theory proposed by a NASA scientist, James Lovelock,
about how the earth is a living organism. He was assigned to research methods
into detecting life on other planets. He denied that he suggested that the earth was
actually a living entity; he was simply saying that the processes essential for life are
all part of a gigantic mechanism, and the mechanism is life itself. The carbon cycle,
water cycle, organic compound production and waste digestion, and the retaining
of heat are essential components for the Gaia Theory. It’s the reason life can exist
on our planet. They tested the theory on Mars, and Mars is so dead it can’t even
push up daisies.

On the other hand much of Asia, Africa, and the native Americans consider
Earth to be a real living entity. They believe in a “life force”, and according to
the Chinese, they actually use this life force in acupuncture, traditional Chinese
medicine, and health. So, it actually is a working force, and western science is still
baffled at how it functions, despite India and China’s use of it for several millennia.
They also consider the “Gaia” to be capable of evolution. The ancient Europeans,
Africans, and most of the world before “modern” times also believed this. Intuitively,
I figured this tied into “Spiritual La Tierra” and the strange second moon
that I saw.

Then Ernesto hit me with his main question.

“Why did you come here David?”

I looked at him. Ernesto now had a strange, searching, expression that I hadn’t
seen before on his face.

“You know, that’s the same question my father asked me before I went. I told
him -I told him that I didn’t know. I just had to go.”

Ernesto smiled. “It always starts that way. The legend of Paititi is that only


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